About Our Drive-In

We are excited about the launch of The Springs Drive-In Theatre on Friday and Saturday nights.  Here is all of the info you need to enjoy this throwback experience:


The drive-in pricing is $28 for the first two people in your car, plus $7 for each additional person (at a max of $49 plus tax). Have your email confirmation ready upon arrival so we can scan you in before parking. You may wonder why it’s currently more expensive to watch from your car than to go inside? We’ve temporarily reduced the prices inside until we start getting new movies, and we have to keep the drive-in closer to our normal pricing to cover the costs of this fancy new outdoor cinema we are bringing to you!


We have specifically designated areas for indoor guests vs. drive-in guests, and our staff will help you find a great spot. But we suggest you get here at least 20 minutes prior to the movie. Feel free to come as early as you want and do a little tailgating!

Food & Drinks:

Items from our food and drink menu can be ordered from a custom mobile ordering interface that we built specifically for this purpose. Upon receipt of your order, a runner wearing a mask and nitrile gloves will deliver your order to your vehicle. You are also welcome to visit our bar or concession area inside to place any orders directly with our staff.


Guests will be permitted into our venue to use our two sets of restrooms. Should a line form at any time, we have placed measured social - distancing indicators on the ground and floor to ensure all parties in line maintain 6-feet of separation. 

Lawn Chairs:

We are spacing the parking so that most vehicles will have an empty spot in front of their own vehicle, and guests are welcome to sit outside of their vehicles as long as groups stay within their own space to allow proper and comfortable physical distancing between parties. When delivering food, our team members will remain a minimum of 6-feet away.


Sound will be transmitted directly to your vehicles via FM transponders, and received through your existing FM/AM radio. We also have outdoor speakers for those that want to roll the windows down or sit in lawn chairs.

Weather Issues:

Unlike our indoor cinema, our drive-in concept is not completely weather-proof. In the event of lighting or heavy winds, we may have to delay the show or even cancel. In the event of a cancelation, we would either issue rainchecks for a later date of the same film or a movie indoors. Refunds for reasons other than show cancellation are only allowed if you cancel 24-hours prior to the show.